Slam Mode: Elevation through house music

Slam Mode are soundscape therapists. Angel Rodriguez and Michael Cole have been spinning and collecting music since 1979, so one could only imagine how big their record collection is. They are influenced by everything from salsa, afro beat and Latin jazz to reggae, minimal, deep tech, drum ‘n’ bass, electronica and ambient soundscapes.

These influences give them a unique perspective on the house music that they produce and DJ. They like to explore deeper in the abyss of fusion and expressionism with their records, the chemical ingredients for spawning such imaginative range and spectrum. The goal… elevating themselves and their listeners to unlimited levels of consciousness.

This may sound like a pretty high goal to reach but anyone who has seen Slam Mode DJ can attest to this approach. “It is the way we live and produce muzica. Our belief is to communicate and translate all types of music to the listener, buyer and dancer.”

Good Room asked Angel and Michael to share their thoughts on music, technology and decompression ahead of their set at Good Room on February 6.

What influences Slam Mode to create music?

Angel and Michael: That is a very profound question. Everything effects the very nature of our music and the way it is communicated to the listener. The external and internal environmental forces, visual and auditory stimulation and perhaps the most significant factor is the human interaction. All together create an emotional and physical canvass that allow us to express our impressions onto the mentality of practically anyone who cares to listen.

What are Slam Mode’s perceptions about music technology today?

Angel: We both feel technology enhancements have been the major drive behind the prolific surge of both DJ and  producer artists. Now, are there talented skill sets associated with all these new folks, that’s debatable for another interview. On a positive note we both welcome this new evolution of music…the technological aspect has become a true far reaching medium for both producer and artist alike.

Michael: Technology in respect to music, it has allowed producers and DJ’s to do a lot of creative and cutting edge impressions that would not be possible to do back then which to me, makes today’s music sound a bit too manufactured and synthetic. Take for instance, cell phones and texting, instant gratification. However, it has caused a cold disconnected effect amongst how we humans communicate with one another.

What does decompression mean to Slam Mode?

Angel and Michael: Decompression means…well at least to us is a harmonious balance, a stillness in music and personal space, thunder and rainfall in the spring, the crispy autumn air, the ambience of noise and silence. The chemical response of a human touch, the embrace and love of the earth.

Slam Mode are playing at Good Room on February 6th at the French Kiss presents party with Octave One, Hieroglyphic Being, Porkchop and Alex from Queens. For tickets click here.

Octave One flyer


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