Going interzona with Tiago

Disco, house, techno, chill-out and leftfield don’t even begin to cover the range of genres Tiago Miranda plays. An accomplished crate-digger, the DJ and producer never plays two sets the same, with new records always filling up his bag. Some might call him eclectic but we call the Lisbon-based DJ a legend for always opening our ears to new tracks.

Growing up around good music, he started DJing at 17 after all his bandmates started doing it. At the time Portugal was just being turned onto the rave scene with small clubs playing house and techno. In 1998 the club of all clubs, Lux Frágil, opened and Tiago has been DJing there ever since.

Over the next two decades he’s toured the world, several times, released music on James Murphy’s DFA, Prins Thomas’ Internasjonal or Lovefingers’ ESP Institute amongst many others and started his own label Interzona13.

Good Room caught up with Tiago ahead of his set at the club on February 13 to learn more about his music, life and Lisbon.

Good Room: Music was a big part of your life growing up and played drums from a young age, how did that lead into DJing?

Tiago: Music was just all around. I moved to Lisbon and all my band mates were DJing, that lead me into getting interested.

You were 17 when you first started DJing. Do you remember your first gig? 

Official 1st gig was at bar Nova in Lisbon. Playing all sorts. I guess it was OK cause they made me their resident.

Was there much of an electronic music scene in Portugal at the time?

Yes, raves were starting, lots of small clubs transitioning to more house and techno and pivotal shops were already importing the records.

When did you make the transition from DJing records to making records?

Playing in bands since I was a kid, computer machine music since 2007.

You’ve put a lot of records out over the years, with releases on labels like DFA Records and ESP Institute. What are some of your favorite projects you’ve worked on over the years?

Playing for Pop Dell Arte, Gala Drop, Loosers with Damo Susuki.

Your latest project has been your own label Interzona13. When did you launch and what was the reason behind creating it?

2013. Making the process of releasing music faster.

I understand you started that label to release your own music but you have released a few other artists since starting it. What’s some of the talent you have discovered?

Nelson (ex band mate) sent me some wicked edits, did a sub label for that. Not interested in releasing much music from other people still.

Any upcoming projects/releases for the label in 2016?

No plans, no future.

Your Trust parties at Lux Fragil have become quite legendary. How long have you held your residency there?

Since 1998. I play there once a week.

How do you keep the residency fresh month after month?

Thanks to all the intrepid listeners and the few shops/distro who support and give the privilege to tell a different story.

Lots of people who have been to Lux, DJs in particular, talk about what a great club it is. How does it compare to other clubs around the world?

It’s the best in the world. I mean, it’s home to me, for obvious reasons.

How has your taste in music evolved over the years?

Always confused but fascinated over the more abstract sounds in whatever styles.

Which format do you prefer when DJing; CDJ, vinyl, USB or laptop?

Vinyl and usb. Vinyl at home, USB for the illegal work situations.

How many records do you have in your collection? Do you have an all time favorite?

I always leave records behind when I move houses. I moved a bit, so don’t really know how many. All those that I’ve been keeping after moving are my all time favorites.

Tiago is playing at Good Room on February 13 at the Dope Jams Valentine’s Day Ball with Slow to Speak and Lloydski. Tickets available here.

Dope Jams flyer


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