Razor-N-Tape – JKriv vs Aaron Dae

JKriv and Aaron Dae the Brooklyn duo responsible for helping shape the modern NYC disco sound. Through their label Razor-N-Tape, they’ve put out 30 releases in the past four years, finding some of the best producers from here and across the globe.

Starting a record label was always on the cards for the pair. They’ve spent decades in the scene, both as dancers and DJs, and were brought together out of a mutual love of all things groovy.

Their DJ style is an effortless blend of old and new, mixed with a smile and signature feel-good flare. They’ll be bringing these vibes to to Good Room on February 12 when they play with Session Victim. Coincidentally (or not), the boys have a Session Victim remix out on Razor-N-Tape soon, a re-edit of the classic track “Something Wit Jazz” by Mr V .

We got JKriv and Aaron Dae to ask each other the important questions ahead of their set this Friday, in case you ever wanted to know about the best sandwiches in New York (seriously, it sounds amazing) or what club life was like in the `90s.

Aaron Dae: Some might not know, but you were the former bassist and one of the original founding members of the house music band Tortured Soul as well as current bassist for the live disco outfit Escort. How does your live music experience vs DJ acumen affect your production method/style?

JKriv: I was a musician before I was a DJ or producer, and think I approach all the music I make from an instrumentalist’s perspective first – it’s kinda just the way I work. Somehow even with more “electronic” productions I realize I still think about arrangements in terms of live instrumentation, more or less.

Session Victim has a forthcoming remix on Razor-N-Tape. Can you tell us a bit more about the project?

We’re very excited to be releasing a remix package of the classic track “Something Wit Jazz” by Mr V. We tapped Session Victim to do a mix knowing they’d bring the perfect blend of soulful jazzy vibes to update this tune – which they did! The record also includes remixes by Jimpster, The Planty Herbs, and myself.

If you could only have one sandwich in NYC which would it be?

The prosciutto, mozzarella and fried eggplant sandwich from Defonte’s in Red Hook. It’s served in 1/2 and 1/3 sizes…those measurements refer to WHOLE LOAVES of Italian bread.

JKriv: You were doing the NYC club scene in the 90s. What do you miss most about those days?

Aaron Dae: Well, there’s a lot I don’t miss about those days, but that’s a whole other story. Haha! I do miss the big venues of which I doubt we’ll ever see again. Roxy’s massive roller skating rink dance-floor, the freak show and debauchery that was Limelight, the cavernous rooms of Palladium, Tunnel’s endless rooms/skate ramp/unisex bathroom which included a DJ, and Twilo’s (formerly Sound Factory) booming Phazon sound system. Honorable mention to Save The Robots which wasn’t a big venue, but one of my favorite NYC after-hours spots.

What’s your favorite thing about running an underground record label? And your least favorite thing?

A&R is probably my most favorite aspect. However, it’s not just the process of finding/signing new music to the label that I love so much. It’s also the connection with people, who are sometimes far on the other side of the world, and eventually becoming friends with them w/o ever actually meeting. That’s something very special to me. As for least fav, accounting. Hands down!

How many times a day would you say we message each other?

If I had to include actual phone calls, text messages, emails, and Facebook chats, I’d have to conservatively say about 75 times on average, AKA, more than I communicate with my wife.

JKriv & Aaron Dae are DJing at Good Room on February 12 with Session Victim, Honey Soundsystem and Octo Octa. Tickets available here.

Session Victim flyer


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