Five of the Best with Octo Octa

Octo Octa is an artist for the heads. Maya Bouldry-Morrison’s creates a finely-tuned marriage of exquisite compositional flare, meticulously-sculpted sonics, and primal dance-floor functionality. Based in Brooklyn, she’s been pushing her unique sonic perspective and shimmering club-ready earworms since 2011 with releases on Running Back, 100% Silk and Argot.

We asked Octo Octa to pick out five of her favorite tracks ahead of her live set at Good Room this Friday night, February 12. 

A record my friend Brian gave to me that I absolutely love:
My favorite cheap discogs purchase:
My favorite cheap record I bought recently in Brooklyn:
The record I keep wanting to buy:
The record that keeps rotating back into my bag:
Octo Octa is playing live at Good Room on February 12 with Session Victim, Honey Soundsystem and JKriv & Aaron Dae. Tickets available here. You can check out her Good Room Podcast here.
Session Victim flyer

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