Five of the Best with Atish

Atish occupies a rare space in dance music. At a time when most DJs rise to prominence primarily through their work as producers, Atish’s success has been realized through his total devotion to the art of DJing. What began at a small gig back in 2010 in San Francisco has since flowered into a magical journey around the world at clubs, festivals, and afterhours on six of the seven continents.

His sets are deep, emotive, ecstatic, an expressive journeys in melodic deep house that create lasting emotional experiences for the listener. Atish is also a natural performer, engaging the crowd with a mixture of charisma and charm. He’s been known to don costumes and wigs when he spins, a playfulness that balances the strict discipline and obsessiveness he has for DJing.

As a performer, he’s taken things to the next level with his Late Night Tonite project. “The idea of Late Night Tonite is that in addition to a great night of dance music, a talk show style 20 minute interview with an artist I really respect,” he said. Atish is bringing the show to NYC for the first time at Good Room this Friday night, February 19, with British house producer Jozif.

“About an hour into the party, we’ll take a break from the music and I’ll conduct an actual sit-down interview with this chap, and we can explore what rocks his socks, makes him tick, honestly, who knows where the interview will go,” Atish said. “Suffice to say, if you know Jozif, you’re excited. If you don’t, I think you’ll love him. After that, we’ll get right back to me playing music followed by Jozif, and then maybe play some tunes together through the end.”

We asked Atish to share five of his favorite tracks with us ahead of his party to learn what inspires him and what kind of vibe we can expect on the dancefloor this Friday night.

Joey Negro pres Akabu – Another World (Andre Lodemann Mix) [Z Records, 2010]
Oh lord, this track does it to me every time, and it’s one of those tunes I really have to build for a while on the dance floor to get to this point. Everything about this track is perfect. You can’t throw this one around willy-nilly!

Lee Jones – Aria [Aus Music, 2008]
If I’m ever playing an early slot at an outdoor day party, you’ll surely hear me playing this one (slowed down a bit).

Arthur Oskan – Moodswings [Thoughtless Music, 2011]
This song is depressingly beautiful and from a producer who is highly underrated…I wish I had more opportunities to play this one on the dance floor, but I don’t want to see everyone bawling their eyes out.

Mr Morek – 418 (Gabriel Ananda Remix) Highway Records, 2013]
An “atish classic” – probably my most overplayed track, but we’re talking about favorites here. Anything tightly produced with gorgeous highs balanced by a stomping bassline will make it in my rotation faster than the blink of an eye.

Alland Byallo – Eyes Closed, Looking In [Dirt Crew, 2010]
Dark, mysterious, percussive – this one resonates really strongly with me. I love using this track to bring the energy the down after hitting the dance floor pretty hard with some bigger tunes. It even has an exhale whoosh-like sound. Funny story, in 2010, I was waiting for the subway and Alland Byallo stood right next to me while this song was playing on my iPod. I couldn’t believe what was happening and I got to truly prove to him how much I loved this song. Must have felt really nice from Alland’s end too. The end.

Atish is playing/hosting Late Night Tonight with Jozif on February 19. You can buy tickets here. You can check out Atish’s music over on his soundcloud here.
 Atish full poster

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