Five of the Best with Daniel T

Daniel.T. is one of our favorite West Coast kids. He is a DJ/producer/record collector based in Los Angeles who’s been making things happen in the disco scene for years. He is one half of the duo Cosmic Kids and has contributed music to labels such as Throne of Blood, Let’s Play House, Young Adult Records and DFA Records.

He’s back at Good Room this Saturday night, February 20, at the PopGun presents party with Yuksek. We asked him to share five songs he’s digging right now to get a feel for the vibe he’ll bring to the club this weekend.

Gazebo – Masterpiece

Tiffany from Midnight Magic showed me this Italo-disco song at a gig we played together a few months back. I just found a copy of it at Death of Vinyl in Montreal, so I’m very happy.

Jex – La Casa
In a time where many people are making very dark, moody, druggy music, its nice to hear someone make something light and bouncy. Addicted to the melody of this tune.

Roman Flugel – Sliced Africa
My dear friend and DJ beast, Kyle Kalma, showed me this one while I was staying with him in Montreal. Its mental.

Anatolian Weapons – A Strange Light From the East (Khidja’s Peruvian Mix)
Shout out to KCRW’s very own Mario Cotto for turning me on to this 12 minute masterpiece. Its long enough to take a bathroom break and get a drink from the bar.

Nur Yoldas – Sultan-I Yegah
I’ve been in love with this Turkish song for a while now. Recently, my amazing friend, Tane found a copy of it for me while she was visiting family in Turkey. I owe her big.

Daniel T is playing at Good Room this Saturday night at the PopGun presents Partyfine night. You can grab your tickets here. And you can check out his music over on his soundcloud.
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