PopGun presents Partyfine Night with Yuksek

Partyfine is the baby of French producer Yuksek. Independency is a key word for Partyfine. From the will to participate in every production level of an artist – recording, mixing, mastering and distributing, all from under the roof of Yuksek’s studio in Reim, France. Far from any style diktat, one of Partyfine’s aims is to present Yuksek’s diverse musical tastes, from disco to electro, indie to club.

Beyond all, Partyfine was born to gather a family of talented musicians, who can collaborate together around a defined concept using their own backgrounds and desires, releasing great music and throwing down some serious parties.

They through one of these very serious parties at Good Room on February 20th with PopGun presents. The line up included Yuksek, Jean Tonique, Daniel T and Air Zaire. Division Point Industries took over the Bad Room with sets from Rolling Ones (Tin Man and Jordan), Cory James and Mickey.

All photos were taken by Roman France for PopGun presents. You can see the full gallery here.



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