UMFANG vs Olive T

There’s something in the water in Brooklyn. Every day we see more and more all female line ups and names of female producers and DJs splattered around gig posters around town.

Discwoman has a large part to play in this. The all-female DJ platform and booking agency represents and showcasing female-identified DJ talent in electronic music. UMFANG co-founded the collective with Frankie Hutchinson and Christine Tran. As a producer she has released brilliant tapes for Videogamemusic and 1080p that combined subtle, murmuring textures and slamming, mechanical beats into something with a lot of personality. She was also named in FACT Magazine’s Top 10 house and techno producers to watch in 2016.

She’s playing at Good Room on March 3rd with Virginia and Olive T. Olive T is New York native who is a music mixer, DJ and dancer who likes to weave a musical story and surprise her listeners in every environment. We asked the two DJs to share some of their secrets ahead of their set.

Olive T: How has the party experience changed for you over the years and what drives you to produce your own events?

Umfang: I came from a scene in Kansas City that was really formative for me and I feel like the best parties are the ones where the atmosphere is dark and shadowy and the music is killer and the audience is a mix of people having a great ass time. I still just want to dance and not really chat too much. I don’t love event production. It actually makes me feel pretty high strung wanting everything to go well. I like to curate events with a great mix of people or pair people together that haven’t played together before.  Events I’m most proud of introduce lesser known acts in with more well known people and I love kind of making people get out of their comfort zone like making someone play their first all vinyl set out in a club or encouraging them to do a live set even if they don’t think they are ready. When you have a venue that trusts your bookings and gives you the freedom to produce what you want and take chances it’s a great feeling.

Where’s your favorite space to be in NYC on your down time? 

I like to chill in my studio with buds or walk around in Chinatown. Being home in Bed Stuy is a luxury as well.

In which position would you like to see yourself within your music career in about 5 years?

I’d really like to keep producing music and I’d love to score a film. I want to keep getting paid to DJ records and play more warehouse parties. I hope to collaborate with more people and keep learning new ways of producing music.

Umfang: What captivates you about a track and where have you found true gems?

Olive T: I listen for a solid bassline, drums, and melodies. The combination should have a expression to it -clue me into what feeling the sounds attempting to achieve. YouTube’s the best place for finding real gems, especially when your out & about and only catch a phrase of a song -chances are it’s on there.

Do you want to live in NYC forever or is there another scene/ space you want to explore? 
I definitely can’t live in NYC forever but I also can’t imagine any where else in the world I could possibly live. Maybe I’ll live in the Carribean when I retire.

What would you spend your days doing if you could do any work you like or is the dream just 100% chilling?

I would like to spend my days printmaking, painting on wood and producing electronic music. I’ve always been a very active person doing multiple things at once. I’m unsure I know what it’s like to truly chill!

UMFANG and Olive T are playing at Good Room on March 3rd with Virginia. Tickets available here.

Virginia Flyer


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