Capablanca vs Willie Burns

Hugo Capablanca and Willie Burns have known each other for about 10 years. Hugo lives in Berlin while Willie holds down the fort in New York. The both run their own record labels, Discos Capablanca and W.T Records respectively. They both DJ/produce/collect records and have excellent taste in music.

While they have similarities and differences, one question remains… who has better interviewing skills? We asked the guys to interview each other ahead of their set in the Bad Room on March 3 and hilarity ensued. We’ll let you decide.

Willie Burns: Why didn’t you bring proper shoes for this tour? Is having a great look more important than being comfortable?

Hugo Capablanca: Can you find me some proper shoes at The Thing? Size 8,1/5, Chelsea boots would be cool but I could make do with some rubber slippers if I wear enough socks? Threw my NBs to the laundry basket, next thing I know the soles unfriended the shoes, FOREVER.

WB: Hmm.. I look for some shoes for you over the weekend. No promises but we might have something. Maybe in size 8 1/2 but I don t know about 8 1/5. I’ll even see if I can find some new in the box insoles.

WB: What is it like being a weirdo Spanish guy in Berlin? Do they beat you up for being late?

HG: What up with this gringo talk? I’m gonna call my Puerto Rican cousin from Bed Stuy let’s see who takes a beating. Ze Germans are cool man, they like immigrants like me. They give us a pair of headphones, a Beatport $10 card and guestlist at Berghain upon arrival so we can learn the tricks of the trade and go make some money for Ze Vaterland. No only JK they beat the shit outta me, constantly. My favorite German DJ is Klaus Weisswurst. When I grow up I want to be like him.

HG: Who is your favorite German DJ?

WB: I’m always talking gringo talk. I am a gringo. I didn’t know you had a Puerto Rican cousin. I thought you were from Burgos, España? I’m not sure who my favorite German DJ is. Do they have any good ones there? They are all so serious and only play one style of music without vocals.

WB: Do your parents ask you when you will get a real job? Or have they accepted that you are an artist?

HC: Parents kinda abandoned all hope. They like it when I do silly interviews like this though so they can print it and pin me in the wall, it gives an aura of pseudo importance to whatever it is that I’m doing. They still don’t understand why I’m always broke, if I’m so famous. Will, would you like to say something to them from here?

hello rayonsters. como estan? mucho gusto.. me llamo guillermo y yo soy un gringo de san antonio, tejas. hugo es muy loco y tiene muchas chicas guapas. ustedes, que hace con el? que es el futuro de su niño?

Hugo, remember when you released some stuff of mine for the first release on your label, Discos Capablanca? What were you thinking? And did you manage to sell them all or you still got some boxes?

We getting serious now! Of course I remember, I was so psyched about starting a label and doing it so with such good 12”. Everyone was telling me the music industry was disintegrating and that starting a label was such a bad idea so of course I had to do it.

I remember you were playing me some music, and I felt instantly entranced by “Jungle”. Its minimal simplicity got me hypnotised. And when I received Ralf’s (Unit 4) remix I realised that record was gonna be even better than I expected. My remix with Tobias (T.Keeler) got pretty well received too, and it just got reissued in the Mangiami compilation on Golf Channel. I thought the original 12″ was sold out but recently I found a box at home with about 20-30 copies left, should have brought some with me to drop at a couple record stores but completely forgot about it, so I guess I’ll just put them up on discogs.

Do you have any more music coming on your label? What about your own stuff? more Bananamania or whatever it was called?

Yeah there’s a bunch of stuff coming out on Discos Capablanca this year, most imminently a new Sharif Laffrey 12″, a Scott Young 10″, and a Rouge Mecanique Ep too. And later in the year another very special 10″ and a couple CVLT jams. I stopped with Bananamania as it was an outlet for edits only and I felt the market was getting over saturated with that kind of stuff. And as soon as I get back to Berlin I’ll lock myself in the studio to finish what it will be my first solo Ep, Lap Top Less Dance (original recordings were made on cassette after I killed my laptop over a tea spill so hence the stupid title).

Hugo Capablanca and Willie Burns are playing in the Bad Room on March 3rd. Tickets available here.

 Capablanca x willie burns


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