Fred P – Music for the soul

For more than 20 years Fred Peterkin has been releasing some of the gentlest soul infiltrated four-to-the-floor house creations you can get. Whether it’s under Fred P or his alias Black Jazz Constortium, he listens to his heart and soul, then to the susurrus of the music market.

He came up through the NYC house scene in the 90s, being inspired by the likes of Junior Vasquez, Frankie Knuckles and DJ Disciple. The sites and sounds of the music world inspired him to make his own music and eventually start his own label, Soul People Music.

Fred P is one of the few DJs who makes house music journey music. Sometimes it is an introspective and meditative journey sometimes an inspirational and lively one. it always stays visionary while using simple codes to transform his inner voice into rhythms and melodies.

He’ll be taking us on a journey at Good Room when he plays at the French Kiss presents party on March 12. We caught up with Fred to learn about his inspirations, his new life in Berlin and what’s next on his musical journey.

What was the New York house scene like in the 90s?

It was fresh and new, totally uncharted territory.

What is your favorite memory from that time?

It had to be the diversity.

Were there any standout clubs or Djs that you’d always go see?

Sound factory, the Pyramid Club, the Tunnel, Club vinyl  – Junior Vasquez, Frankie Knuckles, DJ Disciple, Roger S, Kenny Carpenter to name a few.

How have you seen the scene grow and change since then?

There are a lot more place to party especially in Brooklyn.

How does your label Soul People Music help foster the scene?

Soul People Music provides something different that is true to its self. It’s a very specific thing and that is music for the mind that frees you up so that you can feel an emotion. It’s something for the listener to get into themselves on a level that is not presented everyday. It’s sympathizes and goes to your heart, it opens you up to release. It’s a meditation, a rest that also makes you move. I bring that to the party…take from it what you will.

Do you have any upcoming releases for this year?

There are a few things planned for this year. There is an untitled Black Jazz Consortium project underway. I am also compiling the next episode of Selected. There is an Anomaly project in the works also some Fred P Reshapes coming.

Are there any younger producers in the New York scene that your have an eye on?

I’m currently working with a few young artists both New York and abroad more on that in a few…

What made you want to move to Berlin? 

I am on the road constantly I was spending more time in Europe than New York. Circumstance led to me relocating but it did not happen overnight. It was a very slow process. 2014 was when I settled in there.

How does the electronic music scene in Berlin compare to New York?

No comparison each city has a unique identity.

Over the years you’ve released so many records as both Fred P and the Black Jazz Consortium. What drives your productions?

Passion, I love to make music.

What role does Soul play in your music?

There is no music without it.

Do you have any new music coming out this year?

A few things indeed yes…
FP ONER – 6 – (Mule Music)
Black Jazz Consortium – Untitled project in production (Soul People Music)
Selected More compiled by Fred P  (Soul People Music)

Could you share five of your favorite records with us…

David Bowie – Ashes to Ashes: The first time I heard his voice I was hooked ever since.

The Isley Brothers – Voyage to Atlantis: This song is the most beautiful ballet ever in my opinion. The words alone will make you want to lose yourself.

MFSB – Love is the Message: This song is the ultimate party record it will stand for a millennia. You will hear this record played at cook outs in the year 3000.

Black Jazz Consortium – New Horizon: Turning point in my life.

Prince – The Balled of Dorothy Parker: Prince is at his best funk mixed with danceable blues. Amazing.

***Editor’s Note*** Prince doesn’t allow his music to be streamed on YouTube but we recommend going out and buying this one cause it’s dope.



Fred P is headlining the French Kiss presents party at Good Room on March 12 playing a rare NYC show and extended set. Tickets available here.

Fred P flyer


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