The French connection – Remain vs Max Pask

Many people would be strangers in life if it wasn’t for music. This rings true for Remain and Max Pask. A few years back Remain sent some tracks to Max Pask’s record label, Throne of Blood, and the rest is history. The music that Remain sent ended up being his EP ‘Mlle Caro’, which Max ended up remixing on his label. and then Frenchmen ended up making a couple EP’s together on both Throne of Blood and Remain’s label Meant Recordings.

The pair don’t often get to play together, with Remain based in Paris and Max in New York, but we’re fortunate enough to have both the music makers in Brooklyn at the same time for the FIXED party on March 11. The pair will be taking over the Bad Room for a night of leftfield house, oddball techno and electronic jams. We got the guys to interview each other ahead of the party and we might be lucky enough to get some new music as a result.

Max Pask: You’ve been coming to NYC somewhat regularly for the last few years, what do you like about the city?

Remain: Mostly that I get to spend some quality face to face time with some close friends i don’t see that often. Including you. And the “never sleeps” thing also obviously. Looking forward to this friday at Good Room with you, Dave and Josh. Always Great to know you’ll take me to the coolest open place to grab a bite after this. Quality times and good memories.

“Slow Porn”: What’s that all about?

New side-project of mine in association with Phred Noir (La dame Noir). All about tweaked, dirty and haunted slow-mo music made to trigger a strong reaction of your appreciation or discression. We just released an EP on My Favorite Robot Records named “Opium 1:19” that will be followed by different releases in the forthcoming months such as new originals, remixes, compilation And podcasts.

Listen here:

Should we make a new EP together?

Yeah, for sure! I mean: of course! We have a few nights to start things while I’m around. Hopefully we’ll make this new one faster that our latest one “Lost It”. Looking forward!

Remain: After 15 years in NYC, do you see a notable difference between its music scene and that of Paris and Europe in general?

I’d say that NYC has never lost its love for the classic sounds of the 70’s and 80’s. Disco is still big here and I’m not complaining. There’s a real tight community around those sounds and parties and thats those nights that i have the most fun attending. I still enjoy a good marathon techno after hours though, you got to mix it up a little or you get bored.

What’s next for Throne of Blood? And for you?

Throne Of Blood has considerably reduced its output in the last couple years and myself as well, due to working a full time job in 2014-15. I quit it though and I’m back in the studio working on new music and remixes. As for TOB, the Cobby / Mallinder EP with remixes by Mark E, Man Power and myself is about to come out, there’s a new fantastic Hardway Bros EP which comes out before summer, and the fourth installment of our Ambient compilations Moon Rock, which I have a track on among many other greats. I would like to put together a new live set this year too. Playing live is more fun.

You own a lot of synths, are you planning on acquiring more?

I always want more, but recently Riton moved to NYC and became my new roommate at the studio. He brought his whole setup from London so there’s even more gear there than the last time you saw it. We’re three gear addicts sharing the space, so between us, we’re starting to run out of room.

Remain and Max Pask are taking over the Bad Room on March 11 at the FIXED party with Roman Flügel. Tickets available here.

roman flugel poster

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