Five of the Best with Alex From Tokyo

Alex From Tokyo is truly an international man of mystery. Born in Paris, raised in Tokyo and now based in NYC, his universal upbringing has inspired his truly global taste in music. He has a record collection that would be hard to beat, and also produces music and release music through his label World Famous.

Having lived in Tokyo more than 20 years since he was a kid, Alex developed into one of the strongest crossover DJ’s in Tokyo in the 90s and also became a key person connecting the world and Japan. He produces music as Tokyo Black Star with his partner Isao Kumano and phonon. Late last year Alex launched his label World Famous and has a new record coming out this month with Bing Ji Ling.

As a DJ, Alex takes his influences from all over the world to play house, disco, techno and everything in between. His sets have a leftfield vibe, pulling random things out of his record bag that will have you dancing for hours. We asked Alex to pick out five of his favorites ahead of his set at Good Room on March 18 with Detroit Swindle.

Bing Ji Ling & Alex from Tokyo – Not my day (world famous)

A little house track Quinn and I collaborated on in NYC inspired by The LOFT that is finally coming out on March 21st in vinyl on my new label world famous!

Slope114 – Truth is in love

A charming slow electronic deep house love gem that gives me goosebumps everytime produced by Dimitri SFC and Elise Gargalikis from San Francisco released on a white label that was given to me at the great record store Vinyl Dreams in SF!

Ian Blevins-Hannibal (ESP Institute) Killer spacey high-pitched electronic melodies Detroit-influenced analog house anthem that will boost your Serotonin levels!

Tyree – Acid Over (Dj International)

Tyree Cooper on piano and acid! I just played this 2 weeks ago at the amazing Cocktail D’Amore party in Berlin on the Sunday evening and it went off! Smooth, jazzy and banging, one of those unique timeless after hours Chi-town acid house classic

Gloria Ann Taylor – Love is a hurting thing (Ubiquity)

An absolutely beautiful slow disco master piece and the perfect ending song for a great night that just got re-issued recently that I love so much!

Alex From Tokyo is closing out the Detroit Swindle party at Good Room on March 18. Tickets available here.



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