Five of the Best with Nathan Gregory Wilkins

Nathan Gregory Wilkins is an enigma. He’s been in the music game for two decades, making and playing music that is something else. From listening to his fortnightly radio show on NTS, with Ivan Smagghe, you can hear there’s a whole lot of stuff going on inside his head. He brings together a wide range of influences, from disco and new wave to hip hop and industrial, in an offbeat way that will keep your feet moving for hours.

Nathan is the founder of the revered History Clock label. Over the years he has held numerous residencies, including those at Boombox, Electric Stew, and David Lynch’s Paris club Silencio, and he recently started a new monthly with Joe Spurgeon (The Horrors). Nathan and Richard X have teamed up for a new music project, Cowboy Rhythmbox, which was recently signed to Erol Alkan’s Phantasy label.

He’s playing at Good Room on March 24 so we asked the Londoner to pick out five of his favorites ahead of his set.

Pitch – What am I gonna do for fun (Tolouse Low Trax remix)

Taken from a soon to be released reissue of this cult early 80’s new wave / disco track. Yet another killer production from Tolouse Low Trax, he really can do no wrong for me at the moment!

S’Express – Lollipop (Chris & Cosey Remix)

One of my favourite S-Express tracks get’s a remix from industrial pioneers Chris & Cosey. It’s a match made in heaven.

Yula Kasp – Sensitive Plant

My favourite song from the Ocean Blues mini-LP just out on Kill The DJ. This is very slinky indeed.

DMX Krew – Bombay Mix

Perfectly executed modern electronic exotica from DMX Crew. Reminds me just a little bit of Teknotika/Gary Martin which is never a bad thing.

The Wall – Fire

Probably my most played track of the last 3 – 4 months. Somewhere in-between industrial and Italo and just a little bit camp, perfect in other words.

Nathan Gregory Wilkins is playing in the Bad Room on March 24 at the GlitterballNYC party with Facets. Tickets available here.



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