Good Room Podcast 038 – Jake Reif

A native New Yorker, Jake Reif spent some musically formative years in the Midwest, drawing a massive influence from the cultures of Chicago and Detroit. Fueled by the underground energy of warehouse and loft parties of the era, he began his DJ career in the early 1990’s. When he returned to NYC he worked with legendary electronic music purveyors at Sonic Groove Records and Syntax Music Distribution.

Over the years he’s put out releases on Rong Music as Savage Hymn (with Mystic Bill) and Path Records as Upsetting Keys (with Reade Truth) as well as recent remixes on Snuff Trax. This year he joins the L.I.E.S family with a record to be released in the coming months.

Jake has put together a mix of trippy new wave and psychedelic techno for the 38th Good Room Podcast ahead of his set at the the Capriccio x Nation party on March 25 with Martin Rev (of Suicide), Traxx, Mick Wills and Black Meteoric Star. Tickets available here.


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