Five of the Best with Joakim

Music, art and fashion, Joakim ticks every box. In the music world the Frenchman has produced five albums and runs two record labels, Tigersushi and Crowdspacer. He’s also produced acts like Panico, Poni Hoax and Zombie Zombie and remixed the likes of Charlotte Gainsbourg and Todd Terje. In the art world he won the Silver Lion with Camille Henrot at the Venice Biennale for their piece Grosse Fatigue. He’s also a self-taught graphic designer, creating all the artwork for records put out on his labels. In the fashion world he runs fashion label Tigersushi Furs with his cousin and he’s a sound designer for brands like Chanel, Margiela and Balenciaga, creating tracks for models to strut their stuff down the runway.

Now based in NYC, he’s worked with local labels like Hello Sailor, putting out an edit of African jam Muko Wapi from late 70’s band Black Blood (which is killer and sold out everywhere). And he continues to focus on music, doing his first string of live shows last year which were mesmerizing.

He’s got a record collection which would be hard to beat with an interest in finding music to make you dance from all across the world. He’s pulling out some of his favorites at Good Room on April 7 so we asked him to share a couple that haven’t left his record bag lately.

Red Axes – Sun My Sweet Sun

A highlight at my recent set at Panorama Bar, Red Axes nailed the tropical ecstatic vibe with this one. Also, they got away with what sounds like a panpipes. Respect for that.

Philipp Stoya – Ratafka

A African influenced 12″ from Germany. I remember that one time I literally cleared a dancefloor in Berlin years ago when I started to play African Disco. Now they have a successful African Acid party there. Things always move on, cycles.  I like the combination of very melodic elements and African percussions on this track.

Panthera Krause – Howling For July

More African vibes with this beautiful 12″ on Erol Alkan’s Phantasy imprint. Like Stoya’s track, a good combo of tribal rhythms and deep dark melodic basslines and synths.

Cottam – Encephalomyelitis Disseminata

A very epic 12″ on my friends’ label Versatile. Two trippy tracks over 11 minutes long. This one is the 7AM sunrise jam, drone-y and blissful acid.

JHACK – Talk To My Bleep

New collab I started with Bryce Hackford, from the infamous Deep Trouble crew and a great producer who recently released his second album. Our first 12″ is about to be released on Crowdspacer. Somewhere between deep House, dark tropicalism and psychedelia.

Screen Shot 2016-04-04 at 3.54.03 PM

Joakim is playing at Good Room this Thursday night with Paul Raffaele and Dino. Entry is free with RSVP before midnight. Get on the list here.



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