The Carry Nation

Carry Nation was a woman who wanted to stop everyone partying and used to attack bars with a hatchet. The Carry Nation, on the other hand, is quite the opposite. DJs Nita and Will Automagic throw parties that keep you carrying till dawn. Oh, and they make some beats too.

Influenced by their NYC surrounds and the global DJ community, the boys have been throwing down since 2012 with guests like Hercules and the Love Affair, Juliana Huxtable and Eli Escobar. They’re starting a monthly residency at Good Room on April 9 (Tickets available here) with guests like Lauren Flax, Dandylion, Bearcat and Mister Wallace. Good Room caught up with the guys to find out just what The Carry Nation is all about.

How did DJ Nita and DJ Will Automagic become The Carry Nation?

It’s hard to remember when we first met, but we had been fans of each other for a few years before then; and after we met we began to hire each other as guests for one another’s parties. The Carry Nation formed when Will brought some outtakes from a recording session with Viva Ruiz from their ESCANDALO project and we decided to get in the studio and build a fresh track for it, thus “This Bitch Is Alive” was born. After that it just made sense to throw a party!

Tell us about your first party…

Our first party was early 2012 at The Spectrum. We were one of the first crews to take up residency there and they were some incredibly magical nights with guests like Juliana Huxtable, Tigga Calore and our Batty Bass label mama Hannah Holland.

What has been the ultimate dancefloor moment?

It was pretty major when Kevin Aviance blessed us at 7am last spring with his first performance back in NYC after receiving a hip-replacement. He’s such an icon and sneaking him in through the back door of the  warehouse to surprise everyone was a total gag.

Lauren Flax is heading up this party. How do you pick which DJs and artists you want to play at your parties?

We happen to have very talented friends and we go to them first. We’ve wanted to have Lauren for a while now and to top it all off we’ve been in the studio recently cooking up some magic with her.

If you could have anyone DJ at your party who would it be?

Chicago legend Ron Hardy, who is unfortunately no longer with us.

Tell us about some of the music guys putting out there into the world lately.

We’ve got mixes for GusGus, Josh Caffe, and Hifi Sean feat. Paris Grey coming up as well as an EP of original Carry material.

How would you sum up a Carry Nation party in one sentence?

Music first and the Carry is implicit!

The Carry Nation is partying at Good Room this Saturday night with Lauren Flax, Dandylion, Bearcat and Mister Wallace. Tickets available here.

The carry nation


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