Good Talk with Soramimi

“Soramimi” is defined as a mishearing or feigneddeafness. The NYC composer and producer uses this idea in her music to share narrative imagery, with an abstract sound illustrated by cerebral textures and dreamlike compositions. Soramimi brings a distinct fluency and gravity to the table of ambient and experimental techno.

The co­-owner of Dusk Notes record label is bringing her live set to Good Room on April 15 (tickets available here) which showcases her original compositions using outboard hardware synths and effects. We got in touch with Soramimi to find out what inspires her music and what she’s been into lately.

Good Room – What is your holy grail of records?

Soramimi – 90s jungle and breakbeat hardcore gems – Source Direct, Origin Unknown, The Truper, Omni Trio, Acen, FSOL, etc. These are my roots, spirit and history.

Dead or alive, if you could pick anyone to dance to one of your sets who would it be and why?

Either GWAR to appeal to my dark humor – or if I was in a less mischievous mood, the best of the Soul Train ’70s line dancers.

Has dance music changed for better or worse since you got into the business?

Dance music has definitely changed, and will always continue to evolve. In regards to the integrity of the music itself, there’s an overwhelming amount to sift through today, but if you have discernment and heart, you’ll have no trouble finding and curating treasures.

What would your last meal on earth be and to what soundtrack?

Kobe steak, raw oyster tower, BBQ rib rack, truffle oil risotto, and red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting – and an expensive dry gin. To the blissful sounds of Alter)ring’s Infinitely Gentle Blows – a sublime exit.

Could you share with us five of your favorite tracks…

Godspeed You! Black Emperor – Moya

Epic, moving, apocalyptic, heart wrenching…one of their masterpieces. It’s one of those songs that only truly make its power and conviction known when played live, a patient wall of sound. The last time I saw them performing this, people in the audience were crying at the crescendo, but discretely wiping away their tears, like they didn’t want anyone around to see. It was an interesting, touching thing to observe.

Monolake – Mass Transit Railway

Robert Henke’s work is very influential to me. He’s prolific, expansive, a multimedia polymath. This song makes me feel earthy and grounded, but also weightless, free and eternal.

Brian Eno – In Dark Trees

There is beauty in melancholy. This song is psychedelic yearning and longing materialized. It sounds a little foreboding, but it feels like a love song to me.

Alice Coltrane – Turiya and Ramakrishna

All class, grace and contemplation. Turiya is sanskit for pure consciousness, transcending all other common states of consciousness. This song is my soothing tea with smooth cream.

Hyper On Experience – Lord Of Null Lines

This track is a nod to my roots and influence. It’s bizarre, tough, and still holds up today.

Soramimi is playing live at Good Room on April 15 with Mike Huckabee, Basic Soul Unit and Ne Sileas. She’s on at 11pm so get down early. Grab your tickets here.

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