Five of the Best with In Flagranti

You can call In Flagranti many things but boring is not one of them. Sasa Crnobrnja and Alex Gloor met as fans of the pioneering cosmic scene that emerged from Italy during the early ’80′s and together they make and play music that is funk, rock, punk, afro, electronica, house, reggae, kraut, classic, blues and hillbilly.

Over the years they’ve released records on labels like RVNG and Gomma as well as their own label Codek. They use familiar disco samples combined with some old school analog electro synths to make music that will keep you on the dancefloor for hours.

With this in mind, we asked Sasa to pick out five of his all-time favorite tracks ahead that inspires their music ahead of his set in the Bad Room with Lloydski on April 15 (tickets available here).

Codek – Tim Toum

This track had such an impact on both me and Alex Gloor. There was noting sounding like it at the time.. we named our record label Codek and the shop we had was called Timtoum back in the Mid-90’s. Jean Marie who produced this track actually contacted us after seeing a Codek CD we put out and asked us if we new about that record. He sent a fax (lol). So we met him and told our story, how we loved it and that it was a hit in Italy with the cosmic DJs. He was very surprised that anyone knew about it.

Strafe – Set It Off

I have heard this back in Switzerland in the early 80’s but it didn’t really get to me until i heard it the first time i moved to NY in 1992. Suddenly it made so much sense, the sound the vibe – it’s pure NY vibe and still the best sounding 808 drum machine recording

Kraftwerk – Numbers

When I first heard this it just blew me away. It still doesn’t sound like anything out there. It’s quite amazing how little melody there is. It was big in all the clubs, no matter what crowd, everyone loved it. It doesn’t sound commercial at all. Pure genius.

Culture Club – Murder Rap Trap

When I first started DJing in the early ’80’s, this was our warm up tune. We played this every weekend for a year straight. I was happy when I got hold of a mixtape from the cosmic scene in Italy and this track was on it. In fact, this tune was on most of the mixtapes. I heard from around 1982/83, but sped up.

King Sunny Ade – Ja Funmi 12″ mix

This was one of the first records with African music I bought. On my very first gig, where I had my residency in Switzerland, there was a group from Zimbabwe performing and the owner of the club asked me if i could play some African music before and after the performance. I had no clue about African music at the time and just picked out a few records at our local record shop and this King Sunny Ade 12″ was absolutely amazing and wend down really well with the crowd. It’s been with me ever since.

Sasa from In Flagranti is playing in the Bad Room with Lloydski on April 15. Tickets available here.



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