Trü Skül presents Juan Atkins and Gene Farris – April 30

Good Room presents…


Bad Room

Trü Skül has championed the sounds of Detroit and Chicago since its inception in 2000. Featuring the visionaries that created this music in unison with emerging talents, the party hosted an array of acts including Theo Parrish, Robert Hood, DBX, Mike Huckaby, Suburban Knight, Metro Area, Traxx, Boo Williams, Magda, Function, Mathew Herbert, Shake, Rolando, Gemini and many others. The impact led a run of events in the city’s top venues, including a seven month stint at Groovejet. That residency is the foundation of this event at Good Room. Kimyon and Greg Brier have stayed friends over the years and decided to present Trü Skül again in 2016.

Date: April 30
Address: 98 Meserole Ave. Brooklyn 11222
Subway: Nassau Ave. [G Train]
Doors: 10PM
Age: 21+

Tickets: $10-$20
Pre-Sale: RA | Ticketfly
Facebook: here

Juan Atkins is an American musician widely credited as the originator of techno music, sometimes known as Detroit Techno since Atkins and techno co-creators Derrick May and Kevin Saunderson grew up near Detroit, Michigan. The three, sometimes called the Belleville Three, attended high school together in Belleville, Michigan. At age sixteen, Atkins heard electronic music for the first time he bought his first analogue synthesizer, a Korg MS10, and began recording with cassette decks and a mixer for overdubs. He subsequently taught Derrick May to mix, and the pair started doing DJ sets together as Deep Space. Atkins coined the term techno to describe their music, taking as one inspiration the works of futurist and author Alvin Toffler, from whom he borrowed the terms “cybotron” and “metroplex.”

Atkins and May created mix tracks for Electrifying Mojo to broadcast, then began to create original music. He continues to produce his own and other musicians’ records under the Metroplex Records label. Juan Atkins and Derrik May were also original members of Detroit’s Plus 8 Crew, with a handful of others including UR, they defined Detroit Techno and inspired future generations to follow suit.

Juan Atkins

A global ambassador of Chicago’s classic house music sound, Gene Farris has spiritedly contributed to the evolving house and techno culture of this century. He began playing Acid House, Disco and the classic Chicago style of his peers at a young age, developing a unique sound that lead him to performances at Chicago’s legendary underground warehouse parties of the 90s, and a residency at the Power House. These formative experiences solidified his artistry, launching him into a four year residency in Amsterdam and an eight year residency at Chicago’s infamous Boom Boom Room.

A consummate DJ and promoter since the mid-90s, over the intervening 20 years Kimyon Huggins has risen again to renewed notice for his dedication in the area that  set him on his journey. Originating in Ohio as the raves were starting to spread across the Midwest from their beginnings in Detroit and Chicago, Kimyon wasted no time in becoming involved in the burgeoning movement both as a DJ and as a promoter, starting in 1995 bringing in names like Derrick Carter, Suburban Knight and Rob Hood for early appearances. By 1999 he had moved to New York and started afresh, beginning with his Trü Skül events and moving into Pockit Rockit as both resident and curator. With two decades honing his approach, Kimyon Huggins’ resume stretches from the rough beginnings of techno to the present day nearly unbroken. His is a rare combination of perspective, talent, and passion, and as he moves into his brightening future, his experience holds both a thorough vision of the past and the keys to the future.

Volvox has been pushing the sound and spirit of underground dance culture since 2006. Her sensitive and energetic sets have made her a favorite among party devotees. No matter the situation she captures the crowd with everything from raw acid and jacking techno, to dreamy sensual deep house. Based in NYC since 2011, she currently holds two residencies in Brooklyn: JACK DEPT. NYC 1st Fridays at notorious underground hotspot Bossa Nova Civic Club with John Barera of Supply Records and the monthly UNTER afterhours. Since moving to NYC she has skillfully risen through the ranks of Brooklyn DJs playing breakthrough gigs for The Long Count, Lost Soul, and S!CK parties, opening for dance luminaries such as The Hacker, Heather Heart and Tony Humphries.


UMFANG was born in the Bronx, grew up in Kansas and has been living in Brookyn for 4 years. She quickly derailed her original plan to work in textiles and instead opted for techno. She is a resident DJ at Bossa Nova Civic Club and runs a monthly: Technofeminism, which has been met with acclaim and much support. She’s played alongside Kim Ann Foxman, opened for Zara Wladawsky & Aurora Halal’s festival Sustain Release in its inaugural year, has performed memorable sets with DIY duo Long Count Cycle and closed out DISCWOMAN in Puerto Rico. UMFANG is one of the leading women in the rapidly growing New York City techno scene and has releases coming out on 1080p and videogamemusic.

Juan Atkins web



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