Five of the Best with Palms Trax

Palms Trax is a fairly new DJ to the scene but every release has left its mark. The British-born, Berlin based producer started experimenting in pad-driven Detroit workouts which has turned into his own house style, referencing old school Chicago nostalgia whilst coming laden with analogue textures and jacked up beats.

With releases on Dekmantel and Lobster Theremin, he has been using his home studio to create melodic synth lines and smooth, undulating drum patterns that recalls the likes of Legowelt, John Heckle, Tevo Howard, and Nu-Groove era Burrell Brothers.

He joins the Red Bull Music Academy party at Good Room on April 7 for the Dekmantel x The Bunker night, playing with label mates like Juju & Jordash, Joey Anderson and Dekmantel Soundsystem, as well as NYC locals Bryan Kasenic, Antenes and Clay Wilson (tickets available here). We asked Jay Donaldson (aka Palms Trax) to pick out five of his favorite tracks ahead of his Good Room debut and they’ve got that NYC flare that we love.

Gil Scott Heron – New York City

Lovely little roller from one of Gil Scott Heron’s best albums, ‘It’s Your World.’ “I don’t know why I love you, could be you remind me of myself?” Will New York remind me of myself? Only time will tell.

Lamar Thomas – Take Me To (New-York City)

A lesser known b-side to ‘Feels So Good Inside,’ it was supposedly written to soundtrack his attempts at hitchhiking from Clarksburg to Queens for charity in ’79. That may or may not be true.

Kerri Chandler Featuring E-Man – Brooklyn (Where I Live) (KC’s Johnny Walker Vocal)

In the length of time it takes to drink a Chocomel I have not been able to think of a better house record than this.

Critical Rhythm – Fall Into A Trance (Brooklyn Funk Essential Mix)

Lots of better house records than this, but still a belter and had to include a Nu Groove record (N.Y. House’n Authority came in a close second).

Night Moves – Transdance (NYC Mix)

According some Youtube comments and a lot of people who weren’t actually there this is a Paradise Garage classic. Ok! Out to a ‘Carl T’ for describing it better than I ever could.

“This is not House, still Disco that became electronic

Look guys it says disco mix on the record

Europeans did not any concept of House until later.”

Palms Trax is playing at Good Room on May 7 at the Red Bull Music Academy party with The Bunker and Dekmantel. Tickets available here.

Dekmantal Bunker


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