Five of the Best with Sean B.

Sean B. has worked tirelessly to revitalize our fair city’s underground gay night life scene. Since 1996 he’s thrown down at some of the NYC finest establishments including Cielo, Santo’s Party House, The Limelight, Element, Bar 169, Mr. Black, 205 Club, Webster Hall and Output. He’s also the resident DJ at Powerhouse and Xanadude and half the influential DJ duo, SPANK, who has been taking his sounds around the world.

He’s playing with friends The Carry Nation this Saturday night at Good Room (tickets available here) so we asked Sean to share five of his favorite tracks to get down to ahead of the party.

Drip Dry (YamWho remix) – DACO

Just a sonically awesome tune with huge progression that’s spine-tingling on any big system. I’ve been a Yam Who fan for a long time and this is one record that’s stuck with me that I’ll drop early in the night whenever I can.

Basement Trax 1 – Mark E

A slow-burner with a massive bass, it’s a record you just have to dance to.

Taste Like -NR& (Nomi Ruiz / Rampa / &ME)

Like Nomi herself, damn sexy.

Interestingly internationally produced by &ME (Berlin via Hamburg) and Rampa (aka Gregor Sutterlin: Keinemusik head honcho).

Interrog8- Vin Sol & Matrixxman

Vin has just been spanking it lately, so many killer releases but his Daddy Issues collab with Matrixxman is particularly smoking.

Late At Night – Donkey & The Carry Nation

It’s a NYC smash with the Carry boys + Donkey on Eli’s label.

Signature chopped vocal, big kick, with a 90’s flair, just works on any dancefloor, one of a series of quality releases on Night People.

Sean B is playing with The Carry Nation on May 14 with Will Automagic and DJ Nita, Jeanie Hopper, Brian Gately and Austin Downey. Tickets available here.

The Carry Nation May


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