Five of the Best with A Guy Called Gerald

A Guy Called Gerald refuses to compromise or follow trends when it comes to his sound. Nine albums in and over fifty releases that span a 25-year career, A Guy Called Gerald has built a genre-busting body of work that stands out for consistent innovation, excellence and refusal to compromise.

His track ‘Voodoo Ray’ is generally considered the start of acid house, inspiring a generation of kids around the world to rave. He has collaborated with everyone from Frankie Knuckles and Goldie through to Derrick May and Herbie Hancock. His remix credits are equally impressive with reworks in his back catalogue for David Bowie, Lamb, Stone Roses, Can, Tricky and Roman Flügel as well as having toured with the likes of New Order and Bebel Gilberto.

He’s back in the US for the first time in a few good years and his first stop is Good Room on May 28. He’ll be taking us on a journey through innovation and forward-thinking electronic music in his live set. He’ll be showcasing a vast patchwork of past, present and future, experimenting effortlessly between early acid house through abstract tech breaks into dreamscapes of futuristic oscillations.

He asked Gerald to share some of his all-time favorite tracks ahead of the party, going back to the first record that he bought and songs that inspired his career. You can grab tickets to the party here.

Ryuichi Sakamoto – Riot In Lagos

This track made me want a synth.

Steve Arrington – Nobody Can Be You (1983)

This track made me value my artistic independence.

Atmosfear – Invasion

This track made me learn to play bass.

52nd Street – Tell Me (Extended Vers.)

First Manchester band I knew. So they made me feel like I could make records.

Tapper Zukie – She Want A Phensic

First tune I bought.

A Guy Called Gerald is playing live at Good Room on May 28 with DJ Spun. Grab your tickets here. Gerald will be on The Lot Radio earlier in the day from 2pm-4pm. Listen online at



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