Good Talk with The Friend

The echoes of the hollowed innards of a now derelict factory, punctuated by inevitable progress and the crunch of feet on cracked ice. This is a definition of Detroit Sludge. The sound was created by Detroit veterans The Friend, Marshall Applewhite and Adult Supervisiontakes its cues from industrial, techno, house, and ghettotech, and is distinguished by its filthy sultriness.

The Detroit Sludge crew is coming to Good Room this Saturday night with The Friend being one of the headliners. As far as his productions, The Friend, by all means, a tape fanatic and a massive proponent of found sound. One might go so far as to say that he’s noise and sound obsessed. Stemming from his passion of sonic artifacts, he employs a vast variety of gear in his productions, pulling from a large artillery of material that he’s collected over the years.

The resulting product leaves even the listener damp with sex and caked in grime. Konstantin’s music has been described as having a primal sultriness, well suited to a dark, humid room full of pulsating bodies, a room quivering from massive sound, looming bass-lines, and loose rhythms that hiss and sway as if held together by tape or string.

He’ll be bringing this sound to the club, playing back to back with Shady P plus How to Kill Records’ Marshell Applewhite. Tickets available here.

What is your holy grail of records?

I have no idea, I am currently digging a couple Mulatu Astatke records.

Dead or alive, if you could pick anyone to dance to one of your sets who would it be?

How does one answer these questions… Probably the guy I saw die by himself, at a Steak ‘n Shake in some suburban shithole and probably him just because that death looked like it sucked.

Has dance music changed for better or worse since you got into the business?

Depends, but I guess most would say worse.

What would your last meal on earth be and to what soundtrack?

Tough one, Barbounia or Tacos as I listened to any Hubert Daviz, sipping Chippuro with a few close friends or if I was alone probably the great concert of Mingus.

Could you share with us five of your favorite tracks…

Boz Scaggz – Lowdown 

Shitttttt, I don’t have to say nothing about this one

Telefon Tel Aviv – TTV      
Just a great song from a great album. One of the albums that helped me make the transition from traditional instrumentation to electronic.

DAF – Kebabtraum

This one just reminds me of living in Germany, also probably the most soul I have heard coming out that whole scene.

Master P – Captain Kirk

Cause he gonna save me, and the beat got that slump!!!

The Bug ft. Flow Dan – Jah War (Loefah Remix)

This could have been “Slew Dem” or “Fire” or “Kkeng”… any of the stuff that he was doing 2003-2007. Again, music is about sharing moments in time. this one takes me back overseas during a real pivotal time living in London.

The Friend is playing back 2 back with Shady P at the What’s in the Box party. Tickets available here.


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