Good Talk with Shady P

As one of the three pioneers of the current Detroit Sludge movement, helmed as the fift Wave in the evolution of Detroit Techno, Shady P produces its raw, unfiltered menacing sounds. 

Shady P is taking his sound to the world through his record label How to Kill Records, which he co-owns with The Friend and Marshall Applewhite. The three artists have a bright future that spans beyond just the norms of house and techno.

Sludge nights are gaining recognition internationally recognition and they’re playing at Good Room for the first time on June 4 (tickets available here). We asked Shady P to share some of his favorite tracks and thoughts on the music industry ahead of the party. Note: this is one of the best rants we’ve heard in a long time. We’re glad someone said it.

What is your holy grail of records?

My holy grail of records starts with Losing Control by DBX. All for Lee-Suh by K-Alexi is also one of my favorite records. It is really hard to say which records are my favorite indefinitely because I am always listening to and playing a plethora of different things so it really becomes a momentary answer.

Dead or alive, if you could pick anyone to dance to one of your sets who would it be?

Anthony Shakir, because if there’s anyone who deserves to still be dancing it is him. One of the greatest.

Has dance music changed for better or worse since you got into the business?

Dance music has done both. A lot of the music and DJs I like are blowing up and becoming more widely accepted (Black Madonna, Interdimensional Transmissions, Honey Soundsystem), although promoters and music “fans” are still pushing shitty tech house and trance-related music. I just heard Kevin Saunderson play Sandstorm by Darude, and Situation by Yazoo and top 40 at Movement festival. This sort of thing is unacceptable and will kill the underground in the long run. Promoters need to stop booking tech house acts as well, its killing the art of DJing. Fuck Dirtybird, fuck tech house, fuck people who can’t DJ without a computer, fuck people who can’t spin records and fuck people who aren’t artists. We need more artists, less business people. We need more Juan Atkins, less Dantiez Saundersons.

What would your last meal on earth be and to what soundtrack?

My last meal on earth would be some Tonkotsu Ramen and probably to Nine Inch Nails- The Downward Spiral.

Could you share with us five of your favorite tracks…

Theo Parrish – Synthetic Flemm

I think the sparseness in this record just makes it bang harder.

Kyle Hall – Down
I never get tired of it, I think it reminds me of the loft parties he used to DJ in Detroit.

Appian – Stuck in a Rut

My brother’s first track on Sly Fox Records, it just has a lot of memories attached to it.

Mike Dehnert – Eigenzeit

I think this track gets the floor moving no matter what.

Kris Wadsworth – Lime and Pink

It’s a perfect club record.

Shady P is playing back to back with The Friend at the What’s in the Box party at Good Room on June 4. Tickets available here.



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