Five of the Best with Intergalactic Gary

Photo by Verena Blok

When Intergalactic Gary played at French Kiss presents back in January he absolutely nailed it. He brought everything to the table, from House and Garage to Disco and Acid, and then he turned the table upside down and blew us away. We couldn’t resist getting New Zealand-born, Dutch-based DJ and producer back for round two.

He started mixing around 1980 after being influenced by the (Italo) disco scene in The Hague. He started his DJ career in the 90s with squat and club parties in The Hague. He’s been a essential part of the local radio scene, as a weekly guest DJ for regional pirate radio stations like Trend FM and Radical Radio with I-f and crew and he’s been a regular mixer on The Cybernetic Broadcasting System since it started in 2002.

He’s part of the Dutch invasion that’s happening at Good Room on June 24 at the French Kiss presents party. He’ll be joined by fellow countrymen DJ Overdose and Cosmic Force plus their adopted son, Willie Burns. We asked him to share five of his favorite tracks ahead of the party.

Paul Sabu – We’re Gonna Rock

Disco meets rock – rock meets disco. Love the funky bassline, vocals and synth solo’s.

Kano – I’m Ready

Perfect mix between American funkiness and Italian synthsizer disco. Still gives me goosebumps, after all these years.

The 202 Machine – Get Up (Rock Your Body)

Hard rocking disco track, really takes off when the piano break kicks in.

The Groupies – The Groupies Are Insane

Madness from DJ Overdose and Cliff Lothar.

Mirror Man – Blood Is Truth (Leaders Of The Wild Hunt remix)

One of my favorite tracks of 2016 already.

Intergalactic Gary is playing at Good Room on June 24 at the French Kiss presents party with DJ Overdose, Willie Burns and Cosmic Force. Grab your tickets here.

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