Good Room Podcast 053 – Gavin Russom

Experimenting with sound, image and movement since he was a kid, it’s no wonder Gavin Russom became a synth wizard. In the early 2000s he became the electronics expert for DFA Records, before joining LCD Soundsystem. His own productions as Black Meteoric Star helped to lay the foundation for the current proliferation of the outsider house, free form electronics and punk/techno hybrids while The Crystal Ark brought avant-pop and Brazilian influences to his analogue sound. In the past year he’s released tracks on L.I.E.S and Curle Recordings and has plans to release an album as Black Meteoric Star on Nation. Over the years he’s also released music as Hail Of Arrows, Knight Skyy and Paper Eyes.

As a DJ, he’s been running the CITY CL//B nights around Brooklyn with Lauren Flax and Zachery Allan Starkey for a few years now and he’s been a guest at Good Room at parties like DFA Hot Dog and Capriccio. Gavin has put together a no-nonsense mix of techno, acid and house for the 52nd Good Room Podcast ahead The Carry Nation’s Season Finale at the club on June 11. Grab your tickets here –

Carry Nation June


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