Good Room Podcast 054 – Ciarra Black

Ciarra Black is a DJ, producer and co-founder of the No-Tech label based in Brooklyn, NY. She is also a member of noise/industrial/techno projects Appetite (with Jane Chardiet) and Lunch With Carol & Stewart (with J.R. Nelson. Ciarra’s roots of noise and industrial are prominent in her live and DJ sets with an unapologetic love for a pulsating and beat driven dancefloor.

She delivers the 54th Good Room Podcast ahead of her set at French Kiss presents Submission on June 24. The hour mix takes you to a dancefloor where the fog streams through the strobe as you dance to dark synths, heavy bass and space noise. Her podcast contains unreleased music from No-Tech, White Material and Beta Librae as well as a sneak peak at her latest production.

Grab your tickets to see Ciarra Black at Submission here –

Cienfuegos – Slipping Venus (BANK)
Maoupa Mazzocchetti – Hair Bulbs Jam (Mannequin)



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