Good Room Podcast 056 – R Gamble

DJ and producer Richard Gamble was born in Memphis and steeped in the rich musical history of his hometown, from the DIY spirit of punk & garage rock in dive bars to the booming 808s and cassette hiss of local underground rap.

Later he moved to New York where he found a new home among Brooklyn’s emergent house and techno scene, founding a monthly night called Lost Soul at the infamous and now-defunct Wreck Room. The residency evolved into a label, Lost Soul Enterprises, and its seventh vinyl offering is his first solo release, the Teeth Like Foil EP.

He delivers the 56th Good Room Podcast ahead of his set at the club on June 23 with a collection of distortion-laced acid, electro, and techno tracks which conjure a vision of a sonic future that’s raw, angular and slightly broken, but contains real human warmth. The party is free with RSVP before midnight –

Gertrud Stein – Tanze Samba Mit Mir
Cute Heels – Madame Counselor
The Nighttripper – Deadline
Body Party – P.P.P.T.
Scumbeat – C’est Degoutant
DJ Spike – Designer Drugs
Trevor Jackson – I Want U
Tense – Disconnect Myself (Beau Wanzer Adjustment)
Private Productions – Ghost Track
Assalti Industriali – Otto Minuti
TWR72 – X2 (Endlec remix 1)
DJ Hyperactive – Deep Thought
Vapauteen – 16 Psyche (LIfe in Debtor’s Prison)
Bintus – Reincarnated Savage
C:C/P – File Share




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