Good Room Podcast 057 – Tiago

Disco, house, techno, chill-out and leftfield don’t even begin to cover the range of genres Tiago Miranda plays. An accomplished crate-digger, the DJ and producer never plays two sets the same, with new records always filling up his bag. Some might call him eclectic but we call him a legend for always opening our ears to new sounds.

Hailing from Lisbon where he is a weekly resident at Club Lux, Tiago has a laid back intensity that is reflected in the expansive and inquisitive nature of his sets. Raised on good music in his home, turned on to drumming by his older brother, he came to DJ’ing via live music. He has been at it for close to twenty years, and in the last decade added production work to his resume with releases on DFA Records, Public Possession and his own label Interzona13.

He’s put together a mini mix for the 57th Good Room Podcast ahead of his set in the Bad Room on July 15 with Måns. Tickets available here –



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