Good Room Podcast 061 – Pixelife

Navigating between darker but melodic shades of house and techno, multimedia artist and musician Sean Dack aka Pixelife has been DJing in NYC’s underground for over 15 years. With releases on seminal labels such as Throne of Blood, Tusk Wax, Let Play House and an upcoming EP on Samo Records, Pixelife still pushing his unique sound onto dance floors around the globe.

Inspired by digital fantasies, night drives, dark clubs, loud speakers, he’s put together the 61st Good Room Podcast ahead of his set at the Samo Records Label Launch on August 11. His ‘Chimeras in the Matrix’ EP is the first release for Samo Records. The A side (“Omega Block”) is remixed by British producer Antoni Maiovvi, who co-runs the horror disco label Giallo Disco Records; the B side (“Chimeras in the Matrix”) remix comes from another British producer, Tronik Youth, who helms the prolific Nein Records.

good room label launch v2 copy


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