Good Room Podcast 063 – Guy Car

Moving to New York in 2012 opened up a new world for Guy Car. Although he’d dabbled with DJing in his native France, the NYC house and techno scene opened up a new perspective on music. “The Dancefloor/DJ dialogue was on another level that to me felt healing and growing and that’s when it really stroke me as this incredibly precious and powerful thing. From there it’s really been me processing all of this and trying to understand what had happened those nights, but also the 30 plus years or so of music’s history that led to this moment and that I felt I needed to know more about,” he said.

Since then he’s been taking been taking people on a journey through house and techno at his Suavage NY nights around Brooklyn, which has included guests like Zadig and Birth of Frequency. He’s also continuing his own musical journey with an ever-growing record collection and sets around town. He’s put together a mix of summer house jams with a funk flavor that goes down oh-so-nice on a hot NY August day. “I truly think it takes a certain journey before being able to address to a group of people on that level and DJing is so much about putting things in context… That is whole journey right there for which I have a lot of respect for and wish to take my time with.”

1. Andrés – Trues (KDJ, 1997)
2. The Other People Place – Eye Contact (Lifestyle Of The Laptop Café, Warp Records, 2001)
3. Moodymann – LiveInLA 1998 (Silence In The Secret Garden, Peacefrog Records, 2003)
4. Shake – The Drummer Downstairs (FIT, 2010)
5. Theo Parrish – Cypher Delight (American Intelligence, Sound Signature, 2014)
6. The Mole – Knock Twice (As High As The Sky, Wagon Repair, 2008)
7. Theo Parrish – I Enjoy Watching You (feat Ruby & Sass) (American Intelligence, Sound Signature, 2014)
8. The Mole – Like The Way (As High As The Sky, Wagon Repair, 2008)
9. Moodymann – M Traxx (Silentintroduction, Planet E, 1997)
10. Fred P – CM (Boards009, Soul People Music, 2015)
11. Palms Trax – People of Tusk (Dekmantel, 2015)
12. Omar S. – Blade Runner (111, FXHE, 2006)
13. The Mole – Gracias A Los Niños (As High As The Sky, Wagon Repair, 2008)
14. Chez Damier & Stacey Pullen – Forever Monna (Balance, 1995)
15. Moodymann – People (Silence In The Secret Garden, Peacefrog Records, 2003)
16. Liberty City, Murk – Some Lovin’ (Tribal, 1993)
17. Population One – Starting Over (Metroplex, 2014)
18. Green Velvet – Preacher Man 2012 Remix (Relief Records, 2012)
19. Da Rebels – House Nation Under A Groove (Ugly Music, 1997)
20. Rich Oddie – Driftwork (Surface LTD, 2011)



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