Good Room Podcast 067 – Jen Orlando

Jen Orlando is a co-founder of Remedy, the left-leaning Brooklyn-based events at the forefront of artist bookings such as Claude Young and Zenker Brothers, and NY debuts, including Recondite, Drvg Cvltvre, and Marsman.

Her style combines deep, lush melodies with dense rhythms for cerebral and emotive sets. Her Good Room Podcast brings together the raw underground sound of the past and present through dark techno, distorted acid and jangled house.

The Pilotwings – Trance Beats
Djrum – Untitled 9
John Heckle – Blindman’s Bluff
Kevin Arnemann – Concealed
Raiz feat Permanent Heartbreak – With Me
Moloko – Sing It Back (Herbert’s Tasteful Dub)
Damon Wild – Voyager
Del Valle – Bluredoranyell
Dark Circles – Y
Composite Profuse – Unalaska Ice Files
Japanese Telecom – Nipponese Robots
Prosperoh – Dekses
Amir Alexander – Hot Sex A
cronym – Amoeba
Goldfrapp – Felt Mountain



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