Good Talk with K-HAND

Don’t think of K-HAND as just another Detroit-based producer, or DJ. Think of her instead as one of the city’s best, as bold as that thought may seem. She has devoted more than two decades to working crowds into techno dance frenzy, reading crowds and seducing them, one track after another, until she has it at her mercy. K-HAND stands alongside Detroit’s elite as an internationally recognized … Continue reading Good Talk with K-HAND

Good Talk with A Guy Called Gerald + Podcast

The Manchester scene in the late 80s radiated from the Hacienda. It was a place which grew to be a breeding ground for the likes of Laurent Garnier and Chemical Brothers and in the Summer of Love the Hacienda had a theme tune called Voodoo Ray. It was A Guy Called Gerald’s first release in 1988 and became a seminal classic that put British house … Continue reading Good Talk with A Guy Called Gerald + Podcast

Good Talk with DJ Aakmael + Podcast

DJ Aakmael is all about preserving that deep, underground sound. Since he started making noise in 2004 he has some of the deepest and rawest house tracks of today’s Deep House scene, back before Deep House was a thing. From his first record, ‘Unexposed Evolutionz EP’ on Bumpin’ City Records, to his projects on labels like Unified Records, Uzuri, Real Tone/Earthrumental, and his own imprint Unxpozd … Continue reading Good Talk with DJ Aakmael + Podcast

Good Talk with DJ Sprinkles

DJ Sprinkles is something of a true renegade in modern club culture. She tackles themes that are usually off limits in electronic music, eschewing conventional notions of ‘having the night of your life’ and instead confronting issues of gender, sexuality, race and class, often in lipstick and four-inch heels. Nineteen albums and multifarious monikers into her 20-year career, she’s constructed a political discourse that’s hard … Continue reading Good Talk with DJ Sprinkles

Good Talk with The Revenge

Scottish producer Graeme Clark has been one-upping himself years. Making music as The Revenge, he has a gift for crafting forward-thinking and inspiring cuts which he has showed us 12 inch after 12 inch after 12 inch. Each track understands the past but embraces the future solo with releases on revered international labels including DFA, Pokerflat, Needwant, My Favorite Robot and his own deceased, but much sought after, … Continue reading Good Talk with The Revenge

Good Talk with Kim Ann Foxman

Kim Ann Foxman is a rare visionary who yearns to celebrate the golden era of authentic dance music whilst feeding from her fluid understanding of its imminent and intriguing future. After stepping away from singing with New York’s neo-disco collective Hercules and Love Affair she returned to her fundamental passions: rocking clubs as a DJ and producing raw electronic music. Since then she started Firehouse … Continue reading Good Talk with Kim Ann Foxman

Good Talk with Shaun J. Wright

Born and raised in West suburban Chicagoland, it was no wonder Shaun J. Wright he fell in love with house music. His love for dance music expanded throughout his high school years as he partook in the underground dance scene now globally known as Juke. The once dancer/voguer in professional dance companies and the ballroom scene, found his feet in fashion in New York City. … Continue reading Good Talk with Shaun J. Wright

Label Launch – Samo Records

A new label out of New York is exploring the darker, moodier side of electronic music.Just-launched Samo Records will take you anywhere from electro to EBM to cold-wave territory and all points in between. Founder Boris Knezevic (who DJs under the Facets moniker) wants to showcase the wealth of talent coming out of NYC, showcasing the best local up-and-coming and established artists on every release. … Continue reading Label Launch – Samo Records

Good Talk with Dinky

Dinky is never one who to rest to her laurels. The Chilean-born, Berlin-based producer had never limited herself to one style – From her early releases on in the `90s Sonic Groove, Traum and Carpark to Sven Vath’s Cocoon imprint and her latest release ‘Casa’ on Crosstown Rebels, her records range from ambient, minimal house and techno to downcast new disco and electronic pop. Dinky’s musical … Continue reading Good Talk with Dinky